• Price is indicative per metre.
  • This Turquoise Blue Beaded Lace is Truly Spectacular and quite different to our other laces. It’s Fresh and Fun Loving and has an unusual Scalloped Border consisting of Pretty Beaded Flowers varying in size.
  • The whole piece of Lace is then enhanced by the Heavily Beaded Trellis of *Flower Motifs*flowing upwards from the bottom border to the Smaller Border at the top.
  • Each of the *Flower Motifs*are embellished with Turquoise Iridescent Sequins and Pretty Lilac and Turquoise Blue Seed Beads and Bugle Beads that draw your attention at first glance because they are so shimmery. This Lace would be resplendent under Stage Lighting.
  • The Larger of the 2 Borders measures 23cm at its widest point and along a one metre piece there are 5 Scallops made up of 8 *Flower Motifs* giving you 40 *Flowers Motifs* just along the border alone.
  • This piece is Value Plus because added to this one metre piece you also have 66 *Flower Motifs* on the 5 Trellises measuring 4cm/5cm which gives you a total of 106 Flowers. Then the smallest of the border’s measures 5cm.
  • Total Length available 2.2metres x 1metre.

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