• Price is indicative per metre.
  • This Vibrant & Fun Soft Apricot & Hot Pink Beaded Lace is also quite Delicate in appearance. It has been meticulously Hand Beaded with Pearlescent Hot Pink Pearls and Iridescent Gold Sequins. Then add to this the subtle White Pearlescent Seed Beads and Rose Pink Bugle Beads scattered across the whole piece. Encasing all of this beading is a Metallic Gold Cord.
  • This piece of lace is adorned with value – There are 2 Scalloped Borders – The first being the border across the bottom of the fabric measuring approx. 30cm at its widest point and there are 8 Complete Scallops across a one metre piece. The second border at the top of the fabric is smaller measuring approx. 17cm at its widest point and there is also 8 scallops to a one metre piece.
  • Each *Flower Motif* measures approx. 11cm x 8.5cm and there are 40 of these in a one metre piece.
  • Fabric measures 2.0metres x 1.3metres

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